King Kong Slot Bonus Features


Bonuses are possibly the most anticipated part of a slot machine for players. This is a chance for them to recoup any losses, or even better, to add further to their winnings. Generally the bonus round will last a few minutes and they are always extremely exciting, so it is advisable to make the most of them!

The bonus round of the King Kong Slot is called the King Kong Goes Ape bonus round. To qualify for this bonus round, players need to find a King Kong symbol on the 3rd reel. Players will consistently get the symbol on other reels, but unfortunately, this will not push them through to the bonus round.

If a player is lucky enough for this to happen, they will see everything expand on the reel. Soon, the wilds will fill in for substitutes on the 2nd and 4th reel and the player will form a winning combination, which will help them get to the bonus round. This is a chance for players to win big and add to their winnings.

Whilst players will be anxious to see what they have won throughout the bonus round, they will have to wait! First of all they need to wait for King Kong to smash his way through New York and he will help them gain more in the way of cash prizes.

The great thing is that players might win more than they expected. What ever the wager per line was when the bonus was activated will be present throughout this round. This means if a player increased their wager just before getting to the bonus round, they stand a chance of winning much more than they anticipated!

Unfortunately, time flies when a player is having fun. Within a few minutes the game play for the bonus round will have been completed and the game play will go back to normal. Players will return to the standard screen, their winnings will be added and normal play will resume once more.

kingkongslot-bonusround2.jpgAfter the bonus round, the next great thing to look forward to is certainly the special feature round. Players will be able to have one more chance to hit a big cash prize, thanks to the King Kong Smash Bonus Special Feature. The only way for players to qualify for this bonus is to ensure they manage 3 of the King Kong Scatter symbols.

The next step for the player is to get interactive. They will need to point King Kong towards the planes in the game. He will proceed to try and smash as many as possible and will keep going until he misses three times. The more planes that he manages to smash the more free spins the player will be awarded with.

This is where the game gets extremely interesting. The player can then choose to deny the offer of free spins in the hope that the mystery prize will amount to more. Of course, this mystery prize could be anything, so a lot of players that obtain a substantial amount of free spins will choose to keep them rather than risk them.

Here is the great thing during this round; the bonus can be re-triggered. Players will be able to pick up more scatter and wild symbols with the possibility of obtaining another bonus or special feature.

King Kong Slot

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